Good Old-Fashioned Yum

You gotta appreciate smart women designers. Especially ones who keep experimenting and creating conceptual work. Charita Patamikakorn and Nao Tamura are two of these designers (Kool Girl Posse). They've come up with a packaging concept for chocolate that's both retro and contemporary, influenced by old milk bottle caps—Milkman Chocolates.
Quote from Charita, via The Dieline:
“The chocolate project was something we were always talking about doing. It was an exploration of chocolate forms and the packaging. Totally conceptual, but this is the easy part for us: coming up with the actual chocolate forms, the names, the narrative storytelling per concept. The idea was to sell it ourselves, but we haven’t pursued it. (We keep talking about it though! Still...after years.)”
Produce those things, women! Very nice. [via The Dieline|DBK

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